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Hello There   I Know You're Married but I've Got Feelings Too
Through the arts, anything can be accomplished.
"Art In itself is an attempt to bring order out of chaos" ~ Stephen Sondheim




    An antagonist is the protagonist in their own world

    Can we also appreciate just how sexy all of this top-notch animation is

    God I miss traditional animation


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    acosmist - One who believes that nothing exists
    paralian - A person who lives near the sea
    aureate - Pertaining to the fancy or flowery words used by poets 
    dwale - To wander about deliriously
    sabaism - The worship of stars
    dysphoria - An unwell feeling
    aubade - A love song which is sung at dawn
    eumoirous - Happiness due to being honest and wholesome
    mimp - To speak in a prissy manner, usually with pursed lips

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    favourite celebrity meme → Helena Bonham Carter.

    [two/four] hair moments: The London Premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two, 2011.

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    Chalk Art by David Zinn

    I love this.

    The world is in need of more beautiful weirdness like this.

    I love street art!

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    I almost lost it at the Disney Store today.


    Why? I watched a father very firmly tell his little boy “No, you can’t have that Rapunzel dress.” The boy was near tears until his dad continued, “That one’s way too small. Let’s find your size.”

    Eventually, the little boy decided against the dress and, with his dad’s blessing, picked out a tiara instead, because “it’s better for everyday.”

    Parenting: this guy’s doing it right. 

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    It was…not love at first sight exactly, but - familiarity. Like: oh, hello, it’s you. It’s going to be you. Game over. {x}

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    "You’re the woman who married me."

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    teatro La Fenice, Venezia

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